[Example Sentences]:
1. A toy drone, regularly priced at $119.95, is advertised for $38.
2. It has improved enough that we regularly use it in our home.
3. Those security updates will take place regularly about once a month.
4. The first step is to change your password regularly, such as every six months.
5. Residents have been reported as saying he would regularly beat his disciples.
6. The group will meet regularly for seven months to define and track specific metrics.
7. The attacks demonstrate what happens when people fail to regularly update their machines.
8. The searches can be set to run regularly or be done manually, they wrote.
9. Just remember to do this regularly, so you always have a recent backup.
10. Instead he would pop in regularly to check how she was doing.
11. Many rely on public assistance, and some said store managers regularly cut hours to keep costs down.
12. Their air forces are the only ones that regularly operate in the area.
13. See how the cost of any medicine you regularly take will be covered.
14. She would be able to regularly see the sky and breathe fresh air.
15. Even the Department of Education is required to regularly produce a climate change action plan.

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