[Example Sentences]:
1. The progress that the regime achieved today was the most significant one since 2013.
2. The regime wanted to take control of the heart of the revolution.
3. We have to be very careful with the regime change rhetoric.
4. He said the Assad regime also should have a place at the table, at least initially.
5. He recently won an appeal against the tough regime of his incarceration.
6. The real intentions of the North Korean regime are difficult to read during the best of times.
7. Putin has been providing financial support and intelligence to the Assad regime for years.
8. The Syrian regime is not interested in a political solution.
9. At least eight regime soldiers were killed in the fighting, the group said.
10. The regime of Bashar Assad had no real intention to commit to the truce.
11. So traditional regime change should be off the table.
12. We know that the Syrian refugees have become a target of the Syrian regime, he said.
13. The explosion was followed by fighting between the rebels and regime forces.
14. You scared the regime with your giant acts so they killed you.
15. It will be an ugly result for the regime, he said. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home