[Example Sentences]:
1. They all look like this, regardless of who they are for or what they deliver.
2. This means that people are charged the same rate regardless of factors like health status.
3. That means big companies are going to be investing regardless of the sales of connected appliances.
4. There is a lot that comes through regardless of how effectively sanctions are enforced.
5. This feature rose to the top regardless of industry or country.
6. Business leaders have called for unity on Friday regardless of the outcome of the referendum.
7. All data regardless of its size, is on a level playing field.
8. This is regardless of the outcome of the presidential poll.
9. The problem is hitting almost all service providers regardless of size and costing them money.
10. He said the nation must consider several questions, regardless of who wins the next election.
11. They are priorities for enforcement of our immigration laws regardless of age.
12. Best of all, it can deliver the goods regardless of the lighting conditions.

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