[Example Sentences]:
1. The HDMI refresh rate options in 10.9.2 are gone in 10.9.3.
2. I think we are going to see a whole refresh of infrastructure around that.
3. The app also allows Apple Watch users to refresh data from the companion app for the wearable.
4. It used to be that the monitors ran on a fixed refresh rate.
5. Finding a job can be even harder for experienced workers who need to refresh their skills.
6. We will refresh this report with current statistics twice a year.
7. Additional categories are also expected to be added at refresh points during the life of the panel.
8. It also provides detailed cloud migration and technology refresh plans.
9. The conventional assumption was that a technology refresh cycle was imminent.
10. Some of your favorite conventional wisdom may need a refresh, as well.
11. You can drag down to refresh the screen.
12. Meanwhile the iPad mini only got a minor refresh that year.
13. Power BI tiles can now be set to display their refresh times.
14. That said, the rumor mill is churning and a big iPad refresh is due next month.
15. Windows sales dipped, however, as the PC industry moved past the Windows XP refresh cycle.

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