[Example Sentences]:
1. Now last session, we came close to passing Medicaid reform, but progress stalled on the 1-yard-line.
2. This comes as bills sit in Congress to reform the H-1B program, created in 1990.
3. For the first time he presented his reform case to the other EU leaders in detail.
4. Zuckerberg says it seems like it will take a long time for true reform to occur.
5. Google and other tech giants called on the government to reform the surveillance programs.
6. It wants immigration reform that allows us to hire the best of the best.
7. China has changed so much since reform and opening up began.
8. Maybe when they know there is another party, they will reform the country.
9. White House officials emphasized that no new legislative reform effort was underway.
10. She urged the North to choose the path of reform that would improve life for its people.
11. I know the Trump Administration wants to reform regulations to help the American people.
12. One proposal for electricity rate reform was issued in April by two PUC law judges.
13. A divided nation is the worst possible outcome as far as the politics of reform are concerned.
14. Some analysts say a deal between President Trump and Congress on tax reform now appears less likely.
15. Whatever the case may be, tax reform was always second on the agenda.

[Antonyms]corrupt, impair, vitiate

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