[Example Sentences]:
1. The mostly flat sales for Windows PCs reflect a tepid response to Windows 8.
2. This has been a very difficult sales process and the results reflect that.
3. Mavericks also has features that reflect a world in which people use multiple devices.
4. It has been updated to reflect closing information for the last day of the third quarter.
5. The trial has prompted many to reflect on Chinese society more generally.
6. So far Uber appears to hold that this incident does not reflect a deeper issue.
7. They in no way reflect who I am today or my views towards women.
8. The patterns of usage in each city often reflect economic stratification.
9. Does the behavior of the participants in these events reflect well on our state?
10. We have updated the story to reflect these changes and regret the error.
11. Even that tremendous number might not truly reflect the scope of the attack, however.
12. Even a small incident will reflect badly on our app.
13. ET to reflect additional information about how widespread the account changes will be.
14. The actual amount will reflect what the customer paid.
15. The headline of the article has been updated to reflect this fact.

[Antonyms]idle, dream, imagine

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