[Example Sentences]:
1. Violence has plagued South Sudan since it declared independence in a referendum from Sudan in 2011.
2. We lost the referendum vote but can still carry the political initiative.
3. Obama had yet to publicly comment on the results of the referendum when Trump spoke.
4. There is no provision for a referendum of any sort.
5. Some expect this dynamic to end after the referendum is held.
6. We wait with anticipation as we move into the next phase of the referendum process.
7. How European officials react to the referendum result will be critical for the country.
8. The two most contentious issues tied to the referendum were immigration and the economy.
9. With this referendum, people will not know what it means.
10. There has been no campaigning in this referendum the law does not allow it.
11. Russia, a referendum that Ukraine and the West said was unconstitutional.
12. Protesters demanded that Morsi call off a referendum scheduled days later.
13. The referendum has already triggered financial turmoil around the world.
14. The referendum comes at a time of voter frustration.
15. This feels like a defining moment in the independence referendum campaign. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home