[Example Sentences]:
1. Online court records showed multiple charges against Smith dating back to 2013.
2. This makes a system that plays vinyl records and streams Bluetooth music for under $300.
3. City records show Slager had been accused once of unnecessary use of force, in September 2013.
4. Temperature records for the city date to 1877.
5. It was not clear from jail records whether each had an attorney.
6. Security experts say the records of other phone companies are also involved.
7. Federal records show it is not just large communities that are at risk of attack.
8. The records have since been removed from the websites where they had been cached.
9. The court records do not break down the payments made by each company.
10. Officials have said that no bank records or personal data were compromised.
11. Yahoo said it was extremely rare for the court to make such records public.
12. The team was able to download the records onto a USB device without detection.

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