[Example Sentences]:
1. He became a US citizen at 12, and opened his own recording studio in 1958.
2. So we are not there as far as recording everything that goes on in the brain.
3. The BBC may not play the recording as part of the show.
4. There was no recording you caught what you could when you could.
5. This is not the first research about recording touch screen events.
6. We might know when the device is recording, but not when it is identifying someone in a crowd.
7. It can also be used with any voice recording file.
8. It also offers the ability to automate the recording of medical metrics.
9. Each works in conjunction with music recording apps on your iOS device.
10. Investigators said they were unaware of any audio or video recording of the shooting.
11. A video recording begins once the alarm is activated to collect evidence of a possible crime.
12. It even includes a mode for recording very loud instruments.
13. When the recording light is on, any nearby sound can be picked up.
14. The recording offered no direct clues as to why the plane was in distress.
15. He also accused the captain behind the recording of laying a trap. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home