[Example Sentences]:
1. Automatic chord recognition is the marquee feature of Capo touch 2.0.
2. I would say in five years we should have significant gains in automatic face recognition in video.
3. If he gets a little bit of recognition from the outside world, that is great.
4. The iPhone has gained fingerprint recognition that actually works almost every time.
5. They want their parents to have full recognition and full status that goes with marriage.
6. One new feature that may not get the recognition it deserves is the filter brush.
7. The tip is just recognition of how hard the work is, she said.
8. It finds patterns in complicated data and is often used for face recognition algorithms.
9. Instagram helps us doctor our photos almost beyond recognition before we share them with the world.
10. It also allows more math and image recognition services to be applied to the results.
11. We wanted to show that object recognition is something anyone could understand and interact with.
12. It also reportedly can use gesture recognition to take and send photos.
13. The other TVs should be safe so long as you have the voice recognition features turned off.
14. Using face recognition algorithms to search for a match against another photo is new.
15. There was just a recognition that we had gotten too big for the mountain, Davis explained.

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