[Example Sentences]:
1. My company has used Gmail for a few years and recently switched to Office 365.
2. The International Monetary Fund recently lowered its forecast for global economic growth in 2015.
3. It was recently quoted at $8.95.
4. They most recently traded around $29.29.
5. Brown recently hired two employees to prepare for a jump in business, giving him a staff of 12.
6. The price of Bitcoin has been rising, and recently hit a high above $2,000.
7. Though recently approved, the patent was originally filed in 2012.
8. Until recently, the laser sensor used on the Google car project cost $75,000.
9. Keep in mind Apple recently released a ceramic version of the Apple Watch Series 2.
10. These effects can be seen in a recently released Hubble picture of spiral galaxy NGC 428.
11. Shares of the company dropped sharply after hours, recently declining 9% to $16.79.
12. The Snapchat app only recently started monetizing and recorded revenue of $404.5 million in 2016.
13. Michigan had just three wolves as recently as 1989, but the population has now risen to 658.
14. As recently as 2011, trust in politicians stood at 52%.
15. The Nasdaq recently passed the 4,000 mark, a level last seen in September of 2000.

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