[Example Sentences]:
1. The official said the missile came from an area under rebel control.
2. The army says it will now pursue other rebel groups that do not disarm.
3. It appeared to be coming from both rebel and government positions.
4. The rebel leader told me he would not order his troops to stop fighting.
5. It remains unclear which rebel groups will be invited to join the talks.
6. The fighting comes a day after monitors saw large numbers of military vehicles in rebel areas.
7. Three security guards and a rebel were among those killed, security officials said.
8. Fighting between government and rebel forces had prevented them getting there for nearly a week.
9. The Syrian military statement placed the blame on the rebel groups.
10. There have been several violent incidents since December resulting in soldier and rebel deaths.
11. Two Indian army soldiers also have been killed in a rebel ambush.
12. The Syrian government has not yet responded, though a key rebel coalition welcomed the announcement.
13. It was written to establish peace between King John of England and a group of rebel barons.
14. The consensus among the multiple rebel groups was that Damascus is the next objective, he added.
15. Many of the rebel groups insist on an end to the slaughter before they sit to talk.


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