[Example Sentences]:
1. It seemed like a reasonable way of catching up with what was going on around the 1990s.
2. It is not reasonable to change the rules of the game at the last moment.
3. He also said they will keep a reasonable distance from the defense table.
4. As long as the machines work and the prices are reasonable, they can last for decades.
5. The government argues that the proper measure is whether a reasonable person would feel threatened.
6. The ones who offer quality content at reasonable prices will win.
7. In Illinois, it will all likely come down to the idea of reasonable cause.
8. At present, police can do so only if they have reasonable cause for suspicion.
9. It says it suspects there are reasonable grounds to believe chemical weapons have been deployed.
10. In fact, the only feature this machine lacks is a reasonable price tag.
11. The technology is here, the switches and cards are available for reasonable prices.
12. Now, it does so in a reasonable amount of time.
13. The law states that requirements have to be reasonable, and this fits within those parameters.
14. In turn, Bangkok can keep prices competitive in the market and reasonable for customers.
15. Take this into consideration when trying to arrive at a reasonable mix of investment types.

[Antonyms]absurd, monstrous, outrageous, preposterous

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