[Example Sentences]:
1. That generation is expected to reach the real world around 2020.
2. So the real price of the device is $199.
3. It was there that he bought his first house and launched his real estate career in 1989.
4. The real thing would cost more than $200.
5. We get the readings out of the water we can see it in real time, monitored 24/7.
6. Once implemented, these will lead to real savings in 2014.
7. The real is up 59 percent since the end of 2002.
8. The real excitement started, though, on the morning of November 10.
9. The real fell to as low as 2.2768 per dollar today, its weakest level since April 2009.
10. Sterling, a real estate owner, bought the Clippers in 1981.
11. The company expects the reductions and related real estate moves will save $85 million in 2015.
12. The real deadline, of course, is 2020.
13. In real time we want to help systems to make better access control decisions.
14. I do actually believe you could do a version of it in real life.
15. She added that the real test will be how many people show up to the polls.


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