[Example Sentences]:
1. Apparently, the device, including a card reader and chip, costs around $50.
2. I also explain to another reader what it really means to have an unlocked smartphone.
3. The fingerprint reader will actually work with any of your fingers.
4. The new reader comes as the local market is opening up to other players with similar devices.
5. An optional card reader also can be installed on this side of the machine.
6. Tap your smartphone on a reader device at the cash register.
7. The address details are for Greece, but if the reader gets that far they are already suspicious.
8. The book ends by asking the reader to think about what makes his or her mom the best.
9. It has a fingerprint reader, an OK battery and is easy to use one-handed.
10. It also comes with an SD card reader and an audio jack.
11. Instead, the fingerprint reader would be behind the screen in a specified location when you need it.
12. If a reader knows the trick I would greatly appreciate knowing it.
13. An enterprising reader was actually able to make the purchase, though the service is not operable.
14. For the EMV reader that contacts the chip directly, you may have to ask.
15. No external card reader or merchant account is required. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home