[Example Sentences]:
1. The most recent part to fail is known as reaction wheel 4.
2. He said it was the first time he had ever seen such a reaction to vaccinations.
3. We are more surprised by the reaction to the results than by the results and guide.
4. It sends out a few signals to see what the reaction to that might be.
5. The initial market reaction when the offer was announced in June indicated as much.
6. You can figure out what the reaction is from your fans.
7. His company has surveyed the public on their reaction to emergency warnings.
8. But, they added that they believe the stock reaction is overdone.
9. There already has been a direct reaction to the protest of the Indiana law.
10. I knew exactly what the reaction was going to be and I was so excited for it.
11. Given the reaction, it is hard to see how a deal like this can happen now.
12. Their only reaction was to remind me to keep doing well in school.
13. That was certainly my first reaction when he was suggested.
14. The new rules got a mixed reaction from airline industry officials.
15. As of now the user reaction has been positive.

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