[Example Sentences]:
1. The committee asked that governments put the new leverage ratio into effect by 2018.
2. When the Nasdaq was at its highest, the ratio reached 194.
3. Before the recession, the ratio was 8.5.
4. For navigation, the ratio is more like 10:1.
5. It is also aiming to address its gearing ratio debt as a proportion of equity which grew in 2013.
6. Add these in and the ratio jumps to 500-to-1.
7. In Japan, the ratio of CEO pay to that of the average worker is 16 to 1.
8. In contrast, Exxon scored a 4.5 and Total SA had a ratio of 3.3.
9. We can measure the ratio of two elements in this cloud carbon and silicon.
10. The trick is in creating the right ratio of protection to mobility.
11. Facebook is starting with the ratio of ads to actual content.
12. That can only mean more rate cuts or reductions in the required reserve ratio for banks.
13. So a $40 profit divided by $20 in costs yields a recycle ratio of 2:1, or 2.
14. Value was defined as the ratio of price and performance.
15. The deficits are declining, but the ratio of debt to GDP is still rising.

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