[Example Sentences]:
1. Paying up front rather than monthly increases the discount to 22.5%.
2. Would a savvy consumer rather pay 40 cents for a light bulb, or $1.75 or $10?
3. It was all about the customer rather than how much this was going to cost.
4. These companies are likely to use their own data center rather than looking to a service provider.
5. I just would rather be looking at photos by Jim taken with a better camera.
6. He should find a way to bring people together rather than hate one another.
7. Most people who have tried to do that have come off looking rather foolish.
8. It allows us to put the whole picture together rather than just looking at results.
9. Sometimes sophisticated software can get in your way rather than help you get things done.
10. Some people would rather have one device, but what more people want is devices that work well.
11. They also seem to rather like being first among their friends to get one.
12. I get that most people would much rather text or use WhatsApp than talk.
13. It means children can play at night rather than hang out in gangs.
14. I would rather the money go to school funding and other necessary things that the government does.
15. Snapchat has said that it thinks of itself as a camera company rather than a social network.

[Synonyms]quite, fairly
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