[Example Sentences]:
1. Experts have said such cases are very rare and that there is no reason for alarm.
2. Social may be one of those rare things that is totally new.
3. It turned out that they both had the same rare blood type.
4. In very rare cases, we are asked to provide stored photos or email.
5. This is a very rare type of star with only a dozen known in our galaxy.
6. It is also rare for a case to be transferred from the first court it is filed in.
7. Yahoo said it was extremely rare for the court to make such records public.
8. The footage is rare in part because not many people had personal movie cameras in those days.
9. It was a rare case in which police officers were charged in a death involving actions on duty.
10. The capture is a rare victory for the government in an area considered an opposition stronghold.
11. This is the rare collective that knows not to give everything away.
12. This is a rare and difficult set of circumstances, no one sets out to lose evidence.
13. Many experts argue that such attacks are rare, if the game exists at all.
14. It is therefore very rare for us to witness such a breach, she said.
15. It is increasingly rare for marketers and their agencies to place ads directly on websites.


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