[Example Sentences]:
1. Police are linking him to the earlier disappearance, and to a rape in 2012.
2. Pennington committed new crimes after his release, including a rape in 2008.
3. He noted the widespread rape of nuns during the during the Congo civil war in the 1960s.
4. Police have since said they would not have taken further action over the rape claim.
5. Police said two men had been arrested for the rape and murder of the girls.
6. A minor detained in connection with the rape has yet to be tried.
7. Police had arrested nine people in connection with the rape of the nun.
8. It will investigate everything that happened before and after the rape, he said.
9. She soon gave birth to her son the product of that first rape, she said.
10. It comes amid a national debate about rape and the treatment of women.
11. A local church held a forum this week about rape culture.
12. The guards were paid off to allow him his own room where he would rape her, she said.
13. On the one hand, results from an old rape kit can bring relief.
14. This is about rape, and the case lies with prosecutors.
15. Black people are killing white people every day on the streets, and they rape white women.
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