[Example Sentences]:
1. You can select a single random word and up to five words individually.
2. Players can choose their numbers or let a computer make a random choice.
3. It was murder at random last night at a bus station.
4. Others believe the situation was random and could have happened to anyone.
5. We quickly began contacting at random some of those whose details were found in the password dump.
6. The game is silly, and the random aspect of it somehow adds to the potential for fun.
7. Here are a few other random tips relating to electronics and travel.
8. There is so much random chaos in the weather that you can never say one event was caused by that.
9. You can also tap random objects to get commentary not related to the case.
10. I think the stock moves for random reasons.
11. A salt is a random data element that is included in a hash to make it more secure.
12. Some witnesses said the assailants fired at random, while others said the killing was more targeted.
13. They seem to be scattered at random throughout the structure, but actually are precisely located.
14. Attacks are generally random, but specific companies and people can be targeted.
15. This year the timing is perfect for everybody to come together one random act of kindness at a time.

[Antonyms]aimed, intended, controlled

[Synonyms]chance, haphazard, fortuitous
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