[Example Sentences]:
1. The 3.8 percent rally against the dollar through yesterday is also the biggest since 2007.
2. Here are five charts showing why the reversal of a rally that began in 2014 has been so drastic.1.
3. The official death toll is 97 but rally organisers have put the figure at 128.
4. The rally returns annual proceeds of more than $800 million to the small town, population 6,627.
5. The Russell 2000 of smaller companies rose for a 12th day in its longest rally since 2003.
6. Crude in New York slipped for the first time in nine days, halting the longest rally since 2010.
7. What that suggests is that the rally may be getting a little tired.
8. There were hundreds if not thousands of cameras running during the rally at any given moment.
9. Some took profit as they think the rally is not sustainable.
10. There was also a rally held in Philadelphia on Wednesday night.
11. Part of the idea of the rally is to live with the least impact on your surroundings.
12. It shows that if investors rally together, they are able to demand better terms.
13. Union members held a rally outside the State House Monday morning to call for budget passage.
14. The quality of the next rally attempt is the real question.
15. The rally came after China lowered interest rates to try to boost its slowing economy.

[Antonyms]browbeat, condole, daunt, discomfit, dismay, droop, wane
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