[Example Sentences]:
1. This article has been updated to raise the death toll to 11.
2. To do another sample, she will have to raise another $500.
3. The Fed will raise if we see strong employment growth, wage growth and inflation at 2%.
4. The Danish diplomat is trying to raise funds for the project, which the UN aims to start in 2017.
5. One proposal being considered is to raise the age limit to buy alcohol from 18 to 21.
6. The move is expected to raise up to £250m a year by 2018-19.
7. They want to raise $100,000.
8. Los Angeles city council approved to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2020.
9. Bishop, who does not know Taylor, had hoped to raise $9,000.
10. Markit is aiming to raise $1.14 billion in the IPO, scheduled for June 18.
11. The company says it will raise prices on its streaming services for new customers only.
12. What is a way to continue to raise awareness of this campaign?
13. He suspects many of these banks will have to raise capital over the next five years.


[Synonyms]promote, elevate
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