[Example Sentences]:
1. Many people are worried that the rain will bring more devastation.
2. The forecast calls for more rain over the next few days.
3. The mother and daughter held on to each other as the water climbed past their rain boots.
4. I lasted just a few more minutes though, as rain started to come down in buckets.
5. It was the second episode of heavy rain within days for some areas.
6. There could be a foot of rain in some areas.
7. Much of north and east Afghanistan has been hit by heavy rain in recent days.
8. Water was coming from the ceiling like rain and people were trying to stay out of it.
9. The area had heavy summer rain and a recent snowfall.
10. There has been little rain to wash away the feces.
11. If there is no such rain, then the black hole is relatively dormant.
12. He had been standing in the rain for hours.
13. The heat and rain have made the work difficult.
14. If the rain gets heavy, water will have to be drained.
15. If the forecast is right we will get some wind and rain and it will go back out to sea.
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