[Example Sentences]:
1. Tesla started adding radar sensors to its vehicles in October 2014.
2. The next opportunity for studying 1950 DA via radar is in 2032.
3. Nobody is going to steal it because that technology is not on their radar yet.
4. The military planes will continue to use both radar and spotters.
5. The developers say zoom is on the radar for future updates.
6. He was on our radar for several weeks, the law enforcement official said.
7. Most drones are made primarily of plastic and are too small for radar detection.
8. It will install new radar technology, similar to what is used in Afghanistan to track missiles.
9. This means the radar followed the plane to just before impact.
10. Live Science talked to other radar experts who agreed to comment only off the record.
11. This deal flew under the radar of the previous one, but it is remarkable for its own sake.
12. The more vertical surfaces on a plane, the easier it is to spot on a radar screen.
13. In addition to its cameras, the Model S has radar sensors that could have spotted the trailer.
14. Egypt has little industry and must import its tanks, jets and radar systems.
15. Especially for foreign students, that lifestyle could put them on the radar of law enforcement.
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