[Example Sentences]:
1. It would be a pretty close race to see who is going to be the runner-up.
2. He turned in time to see the car race up the street.
3. The race to build up this next generation of maps is only getting more crowded.
4. The race is on to see which software can most effectively exploit the code.
5. We are not in a race to spend the most or acquire the most.
6. He was the only person running the race for fun.
7. This is a race car to be driven on the road.
8. The race of the officer involved in the shooting has not been disclosed.
9. She made it very clear the law was written very carefully not to be a race issue.
10. There is no federal database that tracks the number of people of any race killed by police.
11. It feels like we are in a race to the finish line.
12. You can trust him in a situation like that to race you fairly and cleanly.
13. He will have to make the race about voters, and not about him.
14. The newspaper reported that it could not determine the race of the suspects in many cases.
15. The year also was marked by the continued race to the bottom in cloud storage pricing.

[Synonyms]breed, career, kind, nation, people, bun
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