[Example Sentences]:
1. This report has been updated with a quote from a White House statement.
2. Another key part of the evidence was a quote from Steve Jobs, made right after the iPad launch.
3. He keeps a quote often attributed to the pope saved on his phone.
4. This story was updated with a quote from German Chancellor Angela Merkel and more information.
5. Get a quote on what your device is worth here.
6. After accepting a quote, customers will receive a shipping label and packaging in the mail for free.
7. The price quote is typically in a range.
8. Here in Germany, the quote approval dance has become an art form.
9. On Twitter they might quote song lyrics or a poem.
10. He is a literature lover who likes to quote French authors in his lengthy speeches.
11. Verizon does not quote an unlimited plan.
12. They are purposely not saying the truth to gain in this, quote, war on women.

[Antonyms]suppress, ignore, omit

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