[Example Sentences]:
1. The world of security was quite a bit different back in 2001.
2. Some accounts start out quite large but others begin with just that initial $5.
3. It has been quite a week for Windows 10.
4. The legal battle has been quite a saga since it began back in 2011.
5. The fonts actually bug me quite a bit, especially when compared to the Moto 360.
6. Mozilla in 2014 is not quite the same company it was in 2013.
7. For a very brief moment, he must have felt quite excited when one bidder offered $95,000.
8. It will take quite a while and it will take a big investment.
9. There are probably quite a few products like this in the market.
10. It is quite possible that more and more of these fake apps will start appearing.
11. The product is available again and there is quite a story behind what happened.
12. The show has also prompted quite a bit of interest among American government officials.
13. She has the potential to make quite a big difference in the world.
14. There may well be quite a market for private clouds of this type.
15. We signed many of those this quarter that we feel quite good about.


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