[Example Sentences]:
1. Most analysts and experts do not expect him to quit a company he founded at age 19.
2. Another quoted her boyfriend saying she had quit her studies in 2014.
3. Overall, the number of people who quit smoking increased by 1.1 percentage points in 2015 from 2011.
4. The biggest priority is to help them not to quit their jobs while raising kids.
5. They all need to get jobs and quit living with their parents.
6. In the last decade or so, most companies have quit the business of writing software.
7. In April, the number of people who quit or were laid off barely rose.
8. She quit the job at the end of last year after hurting herself working in her yard.
9. We talked to the two who quit, among dozens of other longtime Apple veterans.
10. Check out this guy who quit his job and spent a year traveling the world.
11. She never takes the easy way out, and Hillary Clinton has never quit on anything in her life.
12. Should you really quit your job via social media?
13. The employee quit a week after Martinez learned about the post.
14. More people should follow my lead and quit these services.
15. What you have to do is launch the MacKeeper app in the Applications folder and then quit it.

[Antonyms]accompany, follow

[Synonyms]avoid, leave, relinquish, requite, vacate
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