[Example Sentences]:
1. Apple today quietly stopped selling the original iPad Mini, the 7.9-in.
2. The site was quietly scrapped up 2013.
3. A few banks work with the industry but do so quietly and risk prosecution.
4. Facebook is quietly testing a cool new feature which has been added to its Messenger product.
5. One analyst has long believed that Icahn would not go quietly into the night.
6. The new policy was quietly unveiled just before Christmas last year.
7. Mobile tech is moving right along, but it seems much more quietly than in the recent past.
8. Not so with this new IBM system, which is automated and works quietly in the background.
9. He surely knew this would not go quietly into the night.
10. Ford has been quietly developing an autonomous car for a decade.
11. I predict Amazon will let the Fire Phone die quietly, and keep working on its tablets.
12. Some officers are permitted to quietly resign and never even face decertification.
13. We will not allow incidents such as those of this morning to pass quietly, he said in a statement.
14. Other times it is quietly and directly and candidly.
15. The infrastructure for corporate fuel cells has been quietly spreading.
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