[Example Sentences]:
1. Compared with other device markets, the tablet market will be relatively quiet in 2017.
2. Truck 31 pulled into the normally quiet neighborhood behind Engine 32.
3. The company has been quiet on the investigation since it launched two weeks ago.
4. I would just want to be quiet and let it go away and hope that it does.
5. The company is in the quiet period before its public offering.
6. How was it possible that all six failed on the same quiet night?
7. I was told to shut up and be quiet and sit there.
8. We promised to return the quiet to Israel and that is what we will do.
9. He said he wanted to host some relatives for a quiet weekend in the mountains.
10. So far big cable companies are keeping quiet about their plans to move into the wireless market.
11. They were always real quiet and just stuck together, side by side.
12. This was only a mile from my house on a quiet residential street.
13. We need to be quiet so we can hear.
14. For several years, IT was in a quiet period in terms of innovation.
15. She seems very quiet, but she really has quite a voice.


[Synonyms]silent, still, soundless, mute
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