[Example Sentences]:
1. The only quicker pace included quadruple executions in 1926 and 1930.
2. This can be quicker than looking up a word in a dictionary.
3. They would have been able to get their message out a lot quicker, a lot more national.
4. The Russians were also quicker to turn their attacks to political purposes.
5. At the same time, everyone wants to evolve to become a digital enterprise the quicker the better.
6. Other tasks involving actual hardware may take longer but should still be quicker than before.
7. By using Amazon servers, Salesforce says it will be able to expand quicker and more efficiently.
8. Making money from money is quicker than funding the real economy.
9. For better organization, you can add notes to your papers or star them for even quicker access.
10. Place them on the lock screen for even quicker access to options and info.
11. The quicker they catch it and resolve the issue, the better.
12. The quicker a player tapped the screen, the higher the bird would flap.
13. They also appear to be a bit quicker than their rivals, promising deliveries overnight.
14. With Facebook now on board with beacons, we might see businesses adopt them at a much quicker pace.
15. Resource changes are rapidly picked up by the server for quicker application testing.
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