[Example Sentences]:
1. Her opponents have also raised questions about the effect of a concussion she sustained in 2012.
2. The fundamental questions that have to be asked are not even being asked.
3. We have questions that we would like to ask them in person.
4. Here are a few questions over what it means and its implications for the country.
5. The move means that some questions about the alleged weapons work may never be resolved.
6. You start to expand the scope of the questions to try to see two things.
7. The real questions is whether these are all just practice runs for the big one.
8. These are a few of the questions that the mission will seek to help us answer.
9. Now is the time for the media to begin asking questions on their behalf.
10. We have raised a number of questions about the way that strategy was implemented.
11. He was told not to ask questions and get the bomb on the plane.
12. They also have the opportunity to ask questions that put management on the spot.
13. The questions that remain are what and how to offshore.
14. The questions most ask is how much voice should they give the opposition.
15. So you really should have some context when you ask questions like that. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home