[Definition]: something not clear, something need answer

[Example Sentences]:
1. The first question to ask is whether or not such technology will even be relevant in 2015.
2. The big question mark for WWDC is the iPhone 8.
3. Before Monday, the last time Thomas asked a question during oral arguments was in February 2006.
4. Clinton leads that voter expectations question by a large margin, 53%-42%.
5. In our time in the field we never had cause to question the sharpness of the 17mm f/1.8.
6. This was the biggest shift in opinion since pollsters started asking the question in 1987.
7. For those that get them, the FBI memo in question is A-000061, issued June 5,2015.
8. The real question for the economy this year is not just about interest rates.
9. The real question is whether what the police have been doing is right or wrong.
10. The open question is whether they keep it up over the long run.
11. So the big question is where the business value is to be found.
12. There has to be some question about where does the line get drawn.
13. One question all the countries face is where to put their offices.
14. So the question is how do we get out of that.
15. An open question is still the price of any such configuration.


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