[Example Sentences]:
1. The quest for the next Heartbleed makes a lot of sense.
2. Google is by no means alone in its quest to make vehicles smart and more autonomous.
3. This gives Apple an advantage in its quest to take mobile payments mainstream.
4. Now back home in northern Iraq, they describe their quest for a better life as a disaster.
5. At best, the quest for a universal truth about partnership will only capture the average experience.
6. In this scenario Fargo is returning from a quest without finding the materials he was sent out for.
7. The quest for dominance appears in other areas as well.
8. Despite the growing challenges, German prosecutors refuse to give up their quest for justice.
9. My quest will have to continue next year.
10. In each quest, you have a single objective.
11. The charge reflects the legacy of time when RBS lost its way on its quest to build a global bank.
12. It is now a truly scientific quest, he said.
13. The quest for ever more governmental regulation has not. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home