[Example Sentences]:
1. With each query, it has more to work with and grows smarter.
2. Kids who can read and type will be able to tap their search query on the keyboard.
3. The BI team running a large query could cause problems for other development teams.
4. Users must authorize the app to query Twitter on their behalf.
5. Analysts can query the phone records database only if they see a connection to terrorism, he said.
6. It is substantially less, and a simple query to us would have corrected this error.
7. Users can query different data sources and build reports without learning the Splunk query language.
8. Another mitigation is to enforce a query rate limit for source IP addresses, he said.
9. That means it could query a sensor for its data, for instance, and transmit it when required.
10. It also supports bulk, parallel export for exporting query results for use in spreadsheets.


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