[Example Sentences]:
1. They live inside some kind of quantum state back in their ship.
2. It will be some time until the first quantum computer is built but the time for investment is now.
3. It was a quantum leap in terms of the way the applications owners saw this too.
4. That would be the first time in a long time that we make a quantum leap in our understanding.
5. IBM is doing its own research on building quantum computers.
6. The measurements are performed on many copies of the quantum state of a photon.
7. Intel is the latest technology giant to invest in quantum computing research.
8. If quantum communication can help to secure online communications, why is China so far ahead?
9. It seems to me that quantum computing is evolving very fast.
10. In the ideal case the method adds only the minimum amount of noise required by quantum mechanics.
11. Current internet encryption methods would have no way to stand up to quantum computers.
12. This allows quantum devices to perform multiple calculations at once.
13. These crystals captured and stored quantum information at the end of the teleportation.
14. A quantum computer would most likely consist of hundred or thousands of qubits.
15. In quantum computers, the quantum state of the particle is what stores the qubit.
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