[Example Sentences]:
1. They may not be able to quantify it, but they can relate to positive and negative impact.
2. We were able to physically measure and quantify that process using brain data.
3. We want to better quantify it so we can have better advice on where to fly safely in the future.
4. The amount of cash flowing to this underground industry is hard to quantify as many companies do not report losses.
5. But an SCE spokeswoman said the company would not provide any additional details about that statement or quantify it.
6. A separate court proceeding could be conducted to quantify harm to consumers.
7. To quantify whether ice sheets are growing or shrinking, scientists measure changes in surface height with satellite altimeters.
8. The geopolitical risks are more difficult to quantify, but could be greater still.
9. While the impact of the breach itself may be hard to quantify, so is the timing of its effect on stock prices.
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