[Definition]: property, characteristic of something, how solid a thing is

[Example Sentences]:
1. The image quality and features alone justify the price of $379.
2. There were so many others coming in of better quality and value.
3. There are just so many of them around with no quality control.
4. She called them high quality smartphones at a great value.
5. You feel quality when you hold it in your hand.
6. The app also shows you the filter quality as a percentage.
7. They believe in a quality product, and sales come based on that.
8. The Mac returned with its move to the Intel platform, better quality and a support organization.
9. The study calls for more support in raising the quality of teaching.
10. They look fantastic and are of the highest quality I have experience on a watch band.
11. If you want quality on a budget, this may be the best choice of the year.
12. The faster the bit rate, the better the quality you can get.
13. I asked why media buyers put up with such low quality ad networks.
14. The build quality of the Apple charger is much higher.
15. We did have some severe call quality issues early on.


[Synonyms]attribute, belonging, constitution
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