[Example Sentences]:
1. The last major quake occurred in 1927.
2. The actual quake hit in 2004.
3. It was followed by another magnitude-7.3 quake on Tuesday that killed 117 people and injured 2,800.
4. No one in the village knew exactly how many people the quake had killed there.
5. The mall where she works is still closed because of quake damage.
6. So even those that would have resisted the quake were damaged or even taken down by the others.
7. They re afraid the next quake will be the one that takes their house down.
8. The entire province was without electricity after the quake cut power supplies.
9. As night fell, the entire province was in the dark after the quake cut power supplies.
10. The baby boy was born a day before the quake struck.
11. Residents said they received evacuation orders on their cellphones minutes after the quake hit.
12. So it is impossible to predict when the next monster quake occurs.
13. Donald Trump tweets about a company, and its shares quake at his wrath.
14. Some had been living in Brazil since the quake and headed north as the economy soured there.
15. The quake was shallow, which can be more destructive.

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