[Example Sentences]:
1. Many of the technologies enterprises are putting into place today will form the core of Industry 4.
2. Mr Trump has financed much of his own campaign putting in about $50m.
3. Backers had the option of putting down a $499 deposit or paying the full price of $1,499.
4. What authorities really want to do is start putting significant numbers of people behind bars.
5. The trial team did an excellent job putting the case together for the jury.
6. Users are putting more of their data and getting more of their content from the cloud.
7. We believe we can help those companies who are putting technology at the core of their strategy.
8. Some say putting people from different regions together is always a risk.
9. This is a way of putting that together and improving the flow through the airspace.
10. Now the company is putting more hardware into the mix.
11. One company is now putting a dollar value on that risk.
12. That is the problem with putting too much weight on these candidate trips.
13. If so, you ll want to start putting some apps on your new tablet.
14. We will be putting it on many vendor devices, and it is going to be very disruptive.
15. The catch is that few people see Microsoft putting the pieces together.

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