[Example Sentences]:
1. You want to punish me, but why are you putting him in jail?
2. They said the central bank may punish some payment companies once the probe is finished.
3. To punish a professor for engaging in that kind of speech would be highly inappropriate.
4. The idea that other nations might punish the United States with a pollution import tax is a switch.
5. US officials always mention that plans to punish Damascus remain in force.
6. We do not ask more of the wealthy to punish success, he said.
7. It said the bombings were to punish Uganda for taking part in the African Union mission.
8. I mean, how much do you want to punish somebody?
9. That failure encouraged voters to use the referendum to punish him.
10. You cannot punish more harshly speech about one topic that any other topic.
11. However, it seemed intended primarily to punish Kenya rather than to target foreigners.
12. Now they want to punish me again.
13. We need to punish them, without exciting them, he said.
14. Karma will do its work and punish you.
15. Of course, when our children are wrong, we punish them.

[Antonyms]pardon, reward

[Synonyms]avenge, requite
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