[Example Sentences]:
1. You want me to punch a number on this either way?
2. Now the market must prove it can take a punch, which could prove challenging.
3. When you take a punch, you stand up and keep on fighting.
4. Despite the small size it packs a punch with an Intel Atom processor onboard.
5. Some arms can deliver a fast punch, which is useful for breaking windows.
6. Whether that feeling remains once the stimulus punch bowl is removed is an open question.
7. Players said that the coach of one of the teams threw the first punch, CBS Los Angeles reports.
8. A Filipino worker said her employers would slap or punch her to make her work harder.
9. Do you need a punch in the face?
10. The rebels often lacked the heavy weaponry needed to punch through government defenses.
11. Well, unless what they needed was a punch in the face.
12. Third place was a gut punch for Clinton, who had entered the race with an air of inevitability.
13. Weapons have secondary fire to pack an extra punch, such as shrapnel rounds for shotguns.
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