[Example Sentences]:
1. Its strongest feature is the ability to share and publish data in an open way.
2. The FCC said it will publish details of the conditions in the coming days.
3. The magazine did not publish any further photos despite earlier reports that it would.
4. They also publish projections of that the market will look like a few years into the future.
5. Verizon says it will publish its report online early next year and update it twice a year.
6. The commission has not said when it will publish the final results.
7. He said he was referring to an article he was going to publish in coming months.
8. You can also publish local applications into the shell replacement environment.
9. The office said it expected to publish all of its assessments by Wednesday night.
10. The AP does not publish the names of victims of sexual abuse without their consent.
11. FDA will publish the suggested regulations and then the public and industry may weigh in.
12. The researchers plan to publish their findings in an academic journal.
13. It has yet to publish any reports evaluating these initiatives.
14. We wanted to provide customers with a CMS to publish content wherever their customers happen to be.
15. You can ask questions or post comments about experiments in the gallery or publish your own.

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