[Definition]: all people, open to all people

[Example Sentences]:
1. The last iOS jailbreak to be made public was for iOS 9.1.
2. It was first made available to the public way back in the 1970s.
3. Twitter will be the biggest technology IPO since Facebook went public in May 2012.
4. With the end of public support, Microsoft will no longer provide security patches for Office 2003.
5. Google last year sold several phones direct to the public for $300.
6. Both services were first made available to the public as standard features in October 2011.
7. His bill is expected to get its first public committee hearing on April 23.
8. That would mark its first loss since going public in 2006.
9. The last time Apple offered a public beta was in 2000.
10. Microsoft will issue the final public patches for XP security vulnerabilities on April 8.
11. The firm has yet to post a profit since its initial public offering in 2013.
12. Uber did not disclose the breach to drivers or the public until February 2015.
13. Apple finally brings public transit directions to its Maps app in iOS 9.
14. Google expects public availability of Glass beyond the Explorer program to happen in late 2014.
15. The company considered going public in the 1990s.


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