[Example Sentences]:
1. The Chinese Red Cross is also providing $100,000.
2. Dell is also providing storage of up to 512GB, the same amount available in the Surface Pro 3.
3. We know we can group them together when providing their report to them.
4. They are not providing a product that people can boycott.
5. Those providing health insurance will have four years to complete the move.
6. The action plan has six key objectives to address providing digital services for clients.
7. The developer released the code without providing details in advance to Apple, which is unusual.
8. The common element is providing storage services that are independent of the hardware.
9. The forces are providing technical help and are not fighting.
10. We are providing them a platform to do that.
11. For now they are looking only at providing assistance.
12. A covered person in this regard is any person providing a consumer financial product or service. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home