[Example Sentences]:
1. He just kept saying we needed to prove we were better than them.
2. The same could yet prove true for Obama if the economy continues to improve.
3. It would prove to be an investigation like no other.
4. There are many years of research still needed to prove how you can prove that system is safe.
5. To get back in, the users had to prove they were real.
6. If there are any more incidents like this, that could prove to be fatal.
7. A key step will be to require that recipients prove they actually need the addresses.
8. The prosecution set out to prove this by playing that video recorded at the hospital.
9. I wanted to prove to myself that I was a man, she explained.
10. Only those who can prove their loyalty are able to get their jobs back.
11. Amazon must prove that it has learned from its mistakes and can fix them.
12. Both will have to do more to prove the value of the extra dollars their customers pay.
13. I wanted to prove that these people are capable, they can be useful and creative.
14. If you want to prove conspiracy, you better bring very strong evidence.
15. Today will prove that we can solve important problems through diplomacy.


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