[Example Sentences]:
1. Yu said the first prototype should be ready in 2015.
2. Curie is just out of the labs and a prototype, but will land in the second half of 2015.
3. The three companies said they would demonstrate their technology in a prototype in the near future.
4. So they built another prototype and then another and another.
5. The prototype devices communicate with each other over a distance of several feet.
6. In addition, the company will use a public cloud to experiment with prototype business models.
7. By the end of the year, the team hopes to have the prototype working more accurately.
8. She says she was not allowed to shoot pictures of the prototype itself.
9. Microsoft hopes that some of the prototype products could ultimately become commercial products.
10. The company might be testing a prototype as we speak.
11. During that prototype, we let some people onto the site to test it out.
12. Google later said it would modify the prototype and add a steering wheel and brakes.
13. The new IoT lab will enable anyone to test and prototype internet of things solutions.
14. The prototype band itself can easily have new and different parts snapped into it.
15. Mass production of the chip has already begun and prototype tablets have already been built.

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