noun,verb intransitive

[Definition]: to express objection; the act of express disagreement

[Example Sentences]:
1. An Afghan official says the death toll in the bombing of a mass protest in Kabul has risen to 61.
2. Demonstrators protest with their hands up on August 15.
3. This is not something this protest should have been about.
4. A further protest was called for later in the afternoon.
5. There has been much speculation about what levels of protest may take place.
6. The attack happened at a protest about those recent killings by police.
7. Thursday night at a protest over the killings of those black men.
8. There are no demonstrators to protect them and certainly none to protest on their behalf.
9. Apple has said it will protest the ruling and has until Friday to intervene in court.
10. There already has been a direct reaction to the protest of the Indiana law.
11. Pyongyang pulled out of the talks in protest and they have not resumed.
12. The whole reason we had to protest was because somebody was shot unarmed.
13. I want a prospective to student to know that a protest is OK.
14. This post was updated with a statement from the three leading protest groups.
15. The attack happened at a protest about recent killings by police.

[Antonyms]retract, utithdraic, abjure

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