[Definition]: guard against threats, the act of protecting, the state of being protected

[Example Sentences]:
1. The current maximum fine firms can suffer for breaking data protection laws is £500,000.
2. It filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2000.
3. Sound recordings were first given federal copyright protection in 1972.
4. A 2-year device protection plan is available for $99.
5. This might have Facebook moving to a higher level of account protection down the road.
6. Police must provide us protection and allow us to enter the shrine.
7. For your protection, no one can see you on Facebook until you finish.
8. The European Union has a strong legal framework for the protection of personal data.
9. There might be legal protection for NSA customers from private lawsuits and police investigations.
10. That could leave a big hole in privacy protection if the bill passes.
11. The company will also provide credit protection to consumers whose information was compromised.
12. They also show that out of data protection is only slightly better than no protection at all.
13. Our information is all out there now, and this is the among the best protection we have.
14. It is clear to me that Australians feel very strongly about the protection of their privacy.
15. Many credit cards offer some kind of protection if your travel plans get upended.


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